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    The financing of climate-relevant investments in developing and industrialising countries has become an important element of German development cooperation (DC). Climate change is aggravating the already significant challenges facing developing and industrialising countries. Their development in particular is expected to make growth and prosperity possible, but with the least possible additional impact on the climate. German Financial Cooperation (FC) plays a pivotal role in resolving this seeming contradiction between climate protection and the interests of development

    The Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF) aims to enable environmentally friendly economic growth in developing countries, particularly those experiencing rapid growth where demand for energy is rising and financing options for energy investments are not keeping pace with the need for investment.

    The mission of the funds is to contribute, in the form of a public private partnership with a layered risk/return structure, to enhancing energy efficiency and fostering renewable energies in the partner countries. This mission is reached predominantly through the provision of dedicated financing to businesses and households via partnering with financial institutions and direct financing.

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