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    List of Code and Theme or Sub-theme
    Theme or Sub-theme
    List of Code and Theme or Sub-theme
    1   Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Measures (Thematic)
        1.1   Adaptation-General
            1.01   Adaptation-Agriculture
            1.02   Adaptation-Forestry Forests obviously are important also for mitigation; see below for REDD-specific initiatives
                1.025   Adaptation-Forestry (mangroves)
            1.03   Adaptation-Fisheries
            1.04   Adaptation-Water Does not include projects involving dams and dykes which of course in part can be considered adaptation measures as there are huge numbers of them.
            1.05   Adaptation-Health
            1.06   Adaptation-Energy
            1.07   Adaptation-Industry
            1.08   Adaptation-Urban
            1.09   Adaptation-Social
            1.10   Adaptation-Economic
            1.11   Adaptation-Ecological
            1.12   Adaptation-Natural Disasters No attempt made here to be comprehensive with regard to NDRM projects as this is better covered in other sources. Projects with an explicit link to CC are included here.
            1.13   Adaptation-Transport
            1.14   Adaptation-Coastal (general) Includes general projects/studies on SLR.
    2   Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Measures (by Area)
        2.1   Adaptation-Area-specific Was not possible to be very systematic in defining geographic areas so this is best considered as a listing of adaptation projects that are restricted to specific areas (usually provinces or groups or provinces).
        2.2   Adaptation-Mekong Delta
    3   Develop Scientific Technological Program
        3.1   Current Situation and Trends of Climate Change Includes projects and studies on historical data and scenarios work.
        3.2   National Scientific and Technological Program
    4   Capacity Strengthening Included generally in all projects but in this category we included dedicated capacity-building investments
        4.1   Capacity Strengthening-General
            4.01   Capacity Strengthening-Agriculture
            4.02   Capacity Strengthening-Forestry
            4.03   Capacity Strengthening-Fisheries
            4.04   Capacity Strengthening-Water
            4.05   Capacity Strengthening-Health
            4.06   Capacity Strengthening-Energy
            4.07   Capacity Strengthening-Industry
            4.08   Capacity Strengthening-Urban
            4.09   Capacity Strengthening-Social
            4.10   Capacity Strengthening-Economic
            4.11   Capacity Strengthening-Ecological
            4.12   Capacity Strengthening-Natural Disaster (including at community level) A very large number of projects in this area are ongoing in Vietnam, many quite small and managed by NGOs. In general, the only entries included here are those that have an explicit linkage to CC and/or are relatively large projects.
            4.13   Capacity Strengthening-Transport
        4.2   Capacity Strengthening-Community-level (excluding those related to natural disasters) Focus here is on building local capacity to adapt to CC other than those focussed on NDRM (see 4.12 for those).
        4.3   Capacity Strengthening-Measures by Specific Areas
            4.31   Capacity Strengthening-Coasts
        4.4   Capacity Strengthening-Mitigation
    5   Awareness Raising
    6   Enhancement of International Cooperation
        6.1   International Cooperation-General Measures
            6.11   International Cooperation-COP15 Preparation
        6.2   International Cooperation-Donor/NGOs specific plans and strategies
    7   Mainstreaming of climate change in strategies, laws and plans
        7.1   Low Carbon Growth Planning
    8   Mitigation of Climate Change
        8.0   Mitigation-General
            8.01   Mitigation-Agriculture
            8.02   Mitigation-Forestry (REDD)
            8.03   Mitigation-Fisheries
            8.04   Mitigation-Water
            8.05   Mitigation-Health
            8.06   Mitigation-Energy
                8.061   Mitigation-Energy-Power Sector
                8.062   Mitigation-Energy-Renewable
                8.063   Mitigation-Energy-EE
            8.07   Mitigation-Industry
            8.08   Mitigation-Urban
            8.09   Mitigation-Social
            8.10   Mitigation-Transport
    9   Financial Mechanisms
        9   Financial Mechanisms-General
            9.1   Financial Mechanisms-Adaptation
            9.2   Financial Mechanisms-Mitigation (CDM, etc.)
    10   Monitoring and Evaluation
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