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    Welcome to the CFO Platform Communities page. This space is reserved for user-driven, virtual communities of practice, with in-depth discussion concerning the climate finance subtopics, sectors, and actors that our users’ find most interesting. Each Community page features filtered news items, publications, and a user list dedicated to that specific topic. Within these Community pages, users will be able to engage in real-time discussion for further knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration. Please register with the CFO Platform now to join in the discussion.

    What is a Community of Practice?

    Generally speaking, a Community of Practice is a group of individuals who share similar interests, backgrounds, or professions. At the CFO Platform, those Communities could be organized around climate finance themes; for example, Carbon Finance, Renewable Energy, or Adaptation. However, we would like our users to create Communities based on the type of community itself – a group for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) or LDCs, one for local financial institutions, or a group focused on direct access to climate finance funding sources. The CFO Team wants users to feel free to create Communities that will assist them in seeking information on climate finance streams presented in a way that can relate to their daily work.

    Climate finance is poised to become one of the hottest topics in international development as the Green Climate Fund takes shape and we all prepare for COP-18 in Qatar. The CFO Communities pages can serve as incubators for the innovative climate finance solutions the world will require.

    Questions, comments or ideas for a new Community? Please contact Daniel Buckley at UNDP.

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    Climate-Resilient Development
    Financial Institutions
    Small Island Developing States (SIDS)


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