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    ADB Asian Development Bank
    AFD Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency)
    AfDB African Development Bank
    AFR Africa Region
    AAU Assigned Amount Units
    ASTAE Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program
    BIPV Building-Integrated Photovoltaic
    BNPP Bank Netherlands Partnership Program
    BOT Build-Operate-Transfer model
    CO2 Carbon Dioxide
    CAIT Climate Analysis Indicators Tool
    CAS Country Assistance Strategy
    CCDP Climate Change for Development Professionals
    CCF Climate Change Fund
    CCMG Climate Change Management Group
    CCRIF Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility
    CCS Carbon Captive Storage
    CDG Carbon Delivery Guarantee
    CDM Clean Development Mechanism
    CE Clean Energy
    CEA Country Environmental Analysis
    CEFPF Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility
    CEIF Clean Energy for Development Investment Framework
    CER Certified Emissions Reductions
    CF Carbon Finance
    CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps
    CFU Carbon Finance Unit
    CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
    CIF Climate Investment Funds
    CMI Carbon Market Initiative
    COP Conference of the Parties
    CPF Carbon Partnership Facility
    CPS Country Partnership Strategies
    CSO Civil Society Organization
    CTF Clean Technology Fund
    D - F Back to Top
    DAC Development Assistance Committee
    DEC Development Economics Vice Presidency (of the World Bank)
    DFID UK Department for International Development
    DPL Development Policy Loan
    DMCs Developing Member Countries
    EAP East Asia and Pacific Region
    EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    EC European Commission
    ECA Europe and Central Asia Region
    EE Energy Efficiency
    EIA Energy Information Administration, US Department of Energy
    EIT Economy in Transition
    ESMAP Energy Sector Management Assistance Program
    EU ETS European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
    EUR Euro currency
    FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
    FCPF Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
    G - I Back to Top
    GDP Gross Domestic Product
    GEF Global Environment Facility
    GFDRR Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery
    GHG Greenhouse Gas
    GIS Green Investment Schemes
    GNI Gross National Income
    GoM Government of Mexico
    GPG Global Public Goods
    GWMATE Groundwater Management Advisory Team
    HFA Hyogo Framework for Action
    HLCP High-level Committee on Programs
    IADB Inter-American Development Bank
    IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    ICI International Climate Initiative of Germany
    IDA International Development Association
    IEA International Energy Agency
    IEG Independent Evaluation Group
    IFC International Finance Corporation
    IFCA Indonesian Forest Climate Alliance
    IFI International Financial Institution
    IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
    IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    IPP Independent Power Producer
    ISDR International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
    ITA Investment Tax Allowance
    J - L Back to Top
    JBIC Japan Bank for International Cooperation
    JI Joint Implementation
    LAC Latin America and the Caribbean Region
    LDC Least Developed Country
    LDCF Least Developed Countries Fund
    LULUCF Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
    M - O Back to Top
    MDB Multilateral Development Bank
    MDGs Millennium Development Goals
    MENA Middle East and North Africa Region
    MER Market Exchange Rate
    MICs Middle-Income Countries
    MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
    NAPA National Adaptation Programs of Action
    NCCS National Climate Change Strategy
    NEPAD The New Partnership for Africa’s Development
    NGO Non-governmental Organization
    ODA Overseas Development Assistance
    OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
    P - S Back to Top
    PCF Prototype Carbon Fund
    PFD Project Framework Document
    PHRD Policy and Human Resources Development
    PIF Project Identification Form
    PIN Project Idea Note
    PPM Part Per Million
    PPCR Pilot Program for Climate Resilience
    PPP Purchasing Power Parity
    PREM Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network
    PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
    PV Solar Photovoltaic
    R & D Research and Development
    RDB Regional Development Bank
    RE Renewable Energy
    RE/EE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
    REDD Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation
    RESCO Renewable Energy Services Company
    R-PIN Readiness Plan Idea Note
    SAR South Asia Region
    SCCF Special Climate Change Fund
    SCF Strategic Climate Fund
    SDLP Sustainable Development Leadership Program
    SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment
    SMEs Small & Medium Size Enterprises
    SPA GEF Strategic Priority to Pilot an Operational Approach to AdaptationÂ
    SSA Sub-Saharan Africa Region
    STAP Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel
    SWAT Sanitation, Hygiene, and Wastewater Advisory Service
    T - V Back to Top
    TA Technical Assistance
    TF Trust Fund
    TFESSD Trust Fund for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
    UN United Nations
    UNDESA United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
    UNDP United Nations Development Programme
    UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
    UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
    UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
    UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
    UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    UNISDR United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
    US DOE United States Department of Energy
    VPUs Vice-Presidential Units
    W - Z Back to Top
    WB World Bank
    WBG World Bank Group
    WDI World Development Indicators
    WDR World Development Report
    WMO World Meteorological Organization
    WRI World Resources Institute
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